Application Performance Management – Better Business Insight

Performance monitoring and management solutions improve user satisfaction and ensure applications are aligned to business service goals Low operational cost of managing IT environments Mitigate risk of application downtime and improve productivity Improve compliance with application and end-user SLAs Lower incident counts and time to resolution of incidents Provide visibility for IT and business stakeholders … Continue reading “Application Performance Management – Better Business Insight”

Performance monitoring and management solutions improve user satisfaction and ensure applications are aligned to business service goals

Low operational cost of managing IT environments
Mitigate risk of application downtime and improve productivity
Improve compliance with application and end-user SLAs
Lower incident counts and time to resolution of incidents
Provide visibility for IT and business stakeholders
Identify root cause of business-impacting incidents, and resolve it fast

The Application Performance Management (APM) is an end to end business transaction services solution that offers organizations to monitor their business critical applications. It ensures best end users experience, both internal & external, in terms of application performance and response time. Without application performance monitoring the system remains inactive and effect business performance. We know that application performance management is a complex activity that requires a deep understanding of various layers of application and data access platforms as well as application development best practices. A lot of providers have developed a solution which combines the best of industry tools and deep infrastructure understanding. They ensures that the customers are able to achieve operational efficiency and business productivity goals without getting into the complexity of implementation, post analysis fix and regular monitoring and management of their application infrastructure.

User Experience Management

Manage user experience from multiple views and monitor business transaction performance by resolving response time issues, and measuring data on user interactions:

Synthetic User Record and Playback
Real User Performance Monitoring
Real User Session Capture and Replay
Business Analysis Data Mart

Application Server Monitoring and Diagnostics

Prevent users from problems and violating SLAs by simplifying management:

Application Server Monitoring
Component-Level Monitoring
Transaction Tracing
Web Server Monitoring
Message Queue Monitoring

Database Monitoring and Management

The database monitoring tools provide consistent performance monitoring across various database platforms. This helps to reduce administrative costs and improve service levels:

Database Monitoring
Real-time Database Diagnostics
Database Workload Analysis
Database Tuning

Virtual Server Management

Reduce hardware costs and diagnose/fix problems faster with deep visibility into VMware ESXi and Hyper-V performance management issues. These solutions provide virtual infrastructure monitoring, capacity planning etc.

SLA Monitoring and Dashboards

Role-based Dashboards
Dependency Mapping
Service Definitions
Component Discovery
SLA / OLA Policies
3rd Party Integration

Infrastructure Monitoring

Operating System Monitoring
Network Device Monitoring

Virtual Desktop Diagnostics and Monitoring

Virtual Server Monitoring
Virtual Machine Lifecycle Management

Custom Application Development, Support &Maintenance

Choose a service provider that provides bespoke development services based on various technologies for reduced operational cost.


Improved user experience for customers and employees
Critical applications and transactions aligned to business service goals
Performance metrics to improve the decision-making process
Mitigate risk of downtime while improving staff productivity
Improve efficiencies of application diagnostics process
Provide visibility for IT and business stakeholders

Cash Flow Business Insights – Effectively Marketing Your Cashflow Business

As you begin to establish a cashflow investing business you will want to have some basic materials to assist you. What materials you use will vary depending on the approach you prefer to marketing. One thing you should keep in mind with this business is that it is a people business. You will do better as an investor if you are willing to talk to people and develop a talent for talking to people. Once you are willing to accept that this is a people business you can then setup and organize your approach.

You may need to start compiling a list of contacts or leads to work with. Business cards are a vital part of any business and especially so with this one. You will want to have them on your person all the time so you can work your business wherever you find yourself. If you wish to grow as a business you need to let those you meet know what you do and how that may help them.

Make sure you get some business cards as you start your business. Newsletters are also an important resource when working the cashflow business. You can use these newsletters for both professional referral sources and note holders. The importance of newsletters cannot be emphasized enough. This is what brings you your referral and residual business. This is the most exciting part of any business. Once you get the residual returns coming you can virtually sit back and watch it happen!

Flyers and brochures are also going to be an important part of your marketing toolkit. Simple flyers can be used to do co-op marketing with some businesses. They are also useful for local advertising on boards around the community. You can create many different flyers and brochures that are useful for many facets of your marketing with a simple word program on your computer. You do not need to create anything complicated. Simply specifying some details about what you offer will suffice.

Other options for marketing may include some of the following:

o Street signs/car magnet
o Radio and television (Works well but we hope you have lots of money)
o Co-op marketing (use flyers)
o Seminars and expos (use flyers, newsletters and brochures)
o Billboards (Works well but we hope you have lots of money)

What about lead lists you may wonder. In this business as with many a list of potential note holders is a good idea if you are going to work with direct marketing to note holders. There are some things to take into account when purchasing your leads. It is a cost that is well worth spending as long as you understand what the list is. A common misconception with these lead lists is that the list is “current” or “qualified”. I guess it is really your expectations that need to be corrected with this part of marketing.

Think about the implications of those two qualities and try to define what the words mean. When dealing with note holders the only information available is what can be found in public record when the note was created. To wonder if this information is “current” is immaterial. It is what it was when it was recorded. That is the only information that is available to the list compilers. The question about whether the leads are “qualified” is also not a valid one because once again the lead information is only what is available in the public record database. It is not often that a note is recorded with the phrase “I want to sell this note”.

The alternative to buying a lead list is to find the leads yourself, a process that is very time consuming and possibly frustrating when you need to work with such large numbers. You can buy a list of leads to circumvent the work involved in personal research for the information. When buying leads, be wary of anyone who tells you they have pre-qualified or motivated seller leads. Think about this; Why would they sell you the lead if the person wanted to sell the note for sure? I certainly would not sell those leads to you! You should never trust any company who makes such ridiculous promises.

When you do buy a list of leads for this kind of business you must accept that not all the marketing pieces you send out will reach the intended recipient. People move and progress changes everything. The address in public record may not even exist anymore. If you are determined to take this approach to marketing you must understand that a 30% undeliverable return rate is very normal. One more thing about those leads that you should understand is they will very seldom come with phone numbers.

In conclusion I would like to say that there are many great opportunities still available in this business. It is not for everyone and it does require effort to make such a business happen but the returns can be great if you put forth the effort needed. Marketing is important for any business and is actually a common part of all our lives.

It varies depending on what we are currently involves with but it is always there. We are already telling people what we are about and what we do in life. We are already gathering contacts for various parts of our life. Don’t complicate the issue by thinking that marketing this business is any different that what you already do.

Effective Use of Business Insight Reports

In the current economic climate things are all concerned with change. Customer behavior has changed and competitors have changed their pricing and brand loyalty is no longer as important as value. Because of this we now find ourselves having to use different sets of marketing dynamics.

Below we describe how using Business Insight Reports can help us to cope more effectively with changes and also identify the five benefits to an organization that carries out these changes.

The Stages of Effective Business Insight

In order to cope with changing market dynamics there are various stages involved and these need to have their own particular Business Insight report created.

1. Using a Monitoring Dashboard report allows a business to identify changes take place through external factors.

2. The Interactive Discovery report you use will enable you to understand better what is causing the changes to occur.

3. The Detailed Planning report is what a business needs to help adapt its current practices and so come up with a marketing response that is effective.

4. Using an Operational Dashboard report allows a business to implement appropriate changes that will be necessary.

Every stage we mentioned involves various people at various levels within an organization. Some are there to deal with the strategic decisions, whilst others, the tactical decisions. Then there are of course those who will not only plan, but carry out the operations to make the changes on a day to day basis.

All the reports used will need to be in a certain style and contain relevant content that will have been specifically tailored for a certain audience.

Reports are like a Present

A Business Insight report is like giving a present as they have been created for a particular target audience. They will be packaged and then delivered to these people in a way that they clearly understand the information provided within.

Strong analytical tools like are being used to create these types of reports and drive them following information being retrieved from large marketing and/or a large transactional database. Also a delivery mechanism is needed to provide the user with remote access to their results and also will allow them to refresh or request further results using different scenarios.

The use of Excel in a report allows one access to a function that is not only powerful, but very flexible and allows you to manipulate and then display results. People are familiar with this and because it can be easily accessed it is a perfect reporting tool.

Reports must be Relevant

In this part of the article we describe the types of reports needed to be used for the stages outlined above. Each of these reports can be used by various individuals in an organization and who uses them will be dependent on what role they play within it, whether there is a strategic, tactical or operational one.

For one to understand what purpose the report being created has one first needs to identify the audience who it is going to be given to.

For example if using a granular detail report this is fine for planning certain communications, but won’t be useful as the information will be too detailed for a senior executive. Whereas glossy dashboards are more than suitable for monitoring in the boardroom but don’t contain too much information for use anywhere else within the organization.

It is important, therefore, to tailor the style and content of your report to meet the needs of the relevant audience.

Monitoring Dashboard Reports for Strategic Levels

High Level Monitoring Dashboard reports are designed to be used by a strategic audience to give them an overview not only of the organizations performance but its KPIs. It allows them to monitor their activity as well as identify changes taking place. These reports can be used to compare the behavior of customers today in relation to the same time last year, along with letting them acess their financial performance against the organizations targets. It also helps to identify changes as soon as they occur.

Key Features of a Monitoring Dashboard

The key features of a Monitoring Dashboard are as follows:

1. On a high business level it provides a summary of the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

2. It will come with a facility to allow comparison of targets and history (i.e. for last month or last year)

3. The layout should be fixed to simplify its use (for example “Dashboard”)

4. There should be pictorial or graphical displays which allow for the message being conveyed to be highlighted (e.g. traffic lights, speedometer or charts etc)

5. The report will be designed to clearly make the user aware of the changes occurring

Making effective use of your business insight reports is essential to make sure you are getting as much value as possible out of them. If you follow the steps and guidelines above then this can help make sure you are getting this value.

3 Healthcare Business Insights That Will Help to Boost Your Profit by 50% in the Next 12 Months

If your healthcare business needs a better bottom line, there are two things you should know about – generating sales and reducing expenses. Here are three brief insights into small business success that can significantly raise your returns within a year. Ready to increase profits with a simple plan that works? Then make ready and read on, because in the words of Mark Twain, “The secret of getting ahead is getting started.”

Teamwork Sells

Teaming up with other businesses in the healthcare field can be a win-win approach to growing your client base. As long as they’re not in direct competition with your own company, most businesses are wide open to the idea of mutual promotion.

Organizations like fitness and wellness clinics often have clients in need of services they don’t offer – services like the ones you do. In a classic ‘one-hand-washes-the-other’ business scenario, you’ll reap the benefits of a shared client pool than can double your qualified leads.

Referrals Double Your Income

“Don’t forget to tell a friend!” should become your office mantra. The popularity of social media makes it clear how much people love to share their positive experiences. But as great as your service may be, clients sometimes feel too distracted by their health concerns to think to share with a friend, and justifiably so. It never hurts to remind them you’re there to help, and that your services can benefit those they care about as well.

Consider setting up an incentive program for all personal referrals that lead to confirmed appointments. Let your clients know that in exchange for a successful recommendation, they’ll receive a discount on a future service, or be entered in a contest. Take the time to remind your clients you’re there for them and their loved ones – often.

Sealed Cash Leaks Boost Revenue

If you want to see significant increases in your company’s profits, it’s a little less about how much your business is billing, and a little more about how much it’s collecting. Unpaid accounts are like leaks in a bucket – it doesn’t matter how much water you put in, the level’s never going to rise.

One of the most effective ways to increase revenue is to set up an organized system that deals with unpaid bills at regular, designated intervals. Have your staff make contact with delinquent accounts by email after two weeks, by phone after four weeks, and by mail – with a letter stamped “final notice” – after eight weeks.

Don’t be afraid to get tough where it’s warranted. Consider engaging the help of a professional debt collector – or simply promising to. Sometimes that’s all the tactics it takes to keep those overdue accounts in line, and up to date.

And remember all you have to do now is implement these three healthcare business insights to get the results that you want! Procrastination is your worst enemy.

Small Business Insight – Why Powerful Article Marketing May Be the Best Return on Investment Ever

You want a rock solid small business insight? How’s this… as I type this, there are people searching for YOUR website right now on Google, Yahoo, MSN AOL and Bing. In fact, 81% of all online purchases start with a Google search.

What does that mean from 30,000 feet?

It means that if you do not have YOUR best keywords out there where they need to be clicked on (page #1 of Google) then you are missing out on traffic that wants what you are selling.

Article marketing done perfectly gets your best keywords in front of those people every day. And if you are savvy enough to find those keywords that are ALREADY getting tremendous search volume each and every month, then you are actually stacking the deck… YOU WILL GET TARGETED WEB TRAFFIC IF YOU PUT A POWERFUL ARTICLE MARKETING CAMPAIGN IN PLACE.

And when you do, you will have “keyword salespeople” out there 24/7 taking those interested people to articles that tell them about your unique insights into your business. You will have the stage to give out great content KNOWING that by giving out insights and tips and maybe secrets, people will want to know more. A lot more.

If you are a rare coin dealer in Orlando, and you KNOW that “rare coin dealer Orlando” gets 2,400 searches per month on Google, and you KNOW that a perfect article can get that keyword with a link to YOUR WEBSITE to Google page one… HOW IS THAT NOT ONE OF THE BEST POSSIBLE RETURNS YOU WILL EVER GET FOR LIMITED MARKETING DOLLARS?

You are not trying to decide what keywords will work, you can tap into Google for free and see beforehand which ALREADY DO!

Over the past 6 years the one thing I see businesses online wrestle with the most is targeted traffic. And as pay per click costs have skyrocketed and click fraud gets more and more press, and as more people understand that surfers TRUST the organic side of the Google page about 800% more than the ads side, more and more business owners want to know about a small business insight that will get them there.